27th January 2020 By Daana 0

Who is the head in this house?

Last time I talked about our unsuccessful fight against moles and that they themselves left. Or maybe they just ate. But in the spring three years ago mounds ceased to appear. Nobody threw out my cucumbers. I breathed a sigh of relief.

During the summer, I began to notice that an uninvited guest appeared in the garden. A rat, not gray, but black, with a smooth, glossy coat. She appeared late at night, not afraid of anyone, she felt at home. She didn’t run between the beds but busily walked around. I am very afraid of mice and rats, the neighborhood bothered me, of course. But I could not even imagine the whole scale of the “disaster.”

And the scale fell on me suddenly and simply bewitched. One of the September days, I decided to see the beets in the garden, designed for storage for the winter. And to my horror, I saw that there was no beet. Almost all. At the same time, all the tops are in place, and all the roots are eaten. I met such misfortune for the first time.

I had to remove the remains of beets, but the “lady” did not calm down and switched to carrots. What should she worry about, a whole garden of food? Harvested and carrots ahead of schedule. The struggle began: traps, traps. No reaction. Each time, the bait was eaten, and the prey was not found. I began to suspect that her intellect was higher than mine. In this fight, I also lost. Exactly a year later, she disappeared herself.