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Ticks on a site

Most often, parasites start in not the most well-groomed areas. As a rule, insects love overgrown gardens with tall grass and lots of weeds. The owners of such gardens do not remove the garbage, old leaves, and humus.

The main carriers of insects are ordinary rats and mice. If you find traces of rodents in your garden, get ready to remove ticks from your clothes.

In addition, insects are carried by stray cats or dogs. If your pets are free-range, treat them once a season with special repellent repellents.

The period of activity of dangerous insects in spring and autumn. Parasites do not like the heat too much, so there are fewer of them in summer. Processing is recommended in April and October.

Tick ​​protection

Insects most of all love a humid and warm climate but do not tolerate frequent rainfall, heat. Ticks live only on plants; therefore, they do not occur in steppes and on asphalt paths. They feed on blood, both human and animal.

Most often found in tall grass or unshorn shrubs. Adult individuals carrying encephalitis can climb to a height of 1.5 meters, but most often they settle lower, at the level of human legs. Often live near paths or near recreation areas.

The main preventive measures for controlling insects are regular maintenance of the garden. Parasites are not found on mowed lawns and shorter bushes. If insects were found on the site, treat the skin and clothing with repellents.

Tick ​​control on a site in Kursk

To protect yourself, your family and friends it is better to resort to acaricidal treatment. You can either do disinfect yourself or call our team to spray the product.

After processing, it is forbidden to stay on the site for three hours, after which you can return without fear. High-quality drugs are absolutely harmless to people and pets and will not even spoil your harvest.

For spraying, it is better to choose a time with warm and dry weather. It is advisable that no rain or snowfall within 3 days before and after the procedure. In winter, spraying is useless.

How to deal with ticks on the site

To prevent parasites from wounding in the garden, get rid of rats and mice. Set traps and special poisoned baits. Do not let anyone leave food leftovers in the garden. In the garden there should not be suitable shelters and holes for mice.

Order a safe zone from us. We cover the borders of your garden with a special composition that is harmful to insects. Due to this, insects do not appear on the site for a long time.

Natural helpers in the fight against insects are birds. Place several feeders and birdhouses in the garden. Do not forget to regularly put grain in them.