15th December 2019 By Daana 0

The most toothy creatures in the world

Incredibly, the fact, the most toothy creature in the world, is not some shark, as we think, but the most ordinary garden pest – slug. There are 14 thousand teeth in his mouth (and how they all fit there). But it is not easier for us from this uniqueness, since it causes enormous damage to the crop. What methods can be used to combat it?

Most importantly, weed the beds well. Grass for him is home, and food, and protection. Moving slugs along the grass are very easy. Glide yourself and glide. Deprive him of this opportunity. The surest way: collect and destroy. By the way, a good supplement to the diet of poultry. Many are advised to sprinkle ash around the plant. So you can kill two birds with one stone. Ash is also nitrogen fertilizers and protection. In addition to ash, sprinkle with salt, eggshell, and lime. All of these methods can injure the pest’s belly.

It is also proposed to lay out burdock leaves. Slugs are not indifferent to this plant, climb under the leaves during the day. Then they can be collected and sent to chickens. Those will not refuse such meat salad. And there is another option: dilute ammonia 50g per liter of water and sprinkle slugs, they die on the spot.

There are, of course, industrial preparations, but the reviews about them are not too good.