7th December 2019 By Daana 0

Parasites in the garden

Each owner of the land wants his garden to look beautiful and not be damaged by outside forces. The point is that you should timely rid the territory of your site from all kinds of pests. There are a lot of pests that can lead to a catastrophic state of the garden. Therefore, you should be aware of each of these live-food-eaters in your garden.

Bacteria. This is one of the most common and perhaps the most dangerous. This danger is connected with the fact that it is impossible to see these pests, except under a microscope. And the damage to plants from bacteria is very large. These insects begin to eat plants, trees, flowers, from the inside. In connection with what the disease begins in plants. Most often, these pests develop and grow in a moist, moist area. A very good place for bacteria to appear is too moist ground, which is excessively fed by water. Due to infection from bacteria, plants begin to hurt and gradually fade. You can avoid such a problem, but for this, you need to try hard. First, you need to organize watering in a timely manner. Secondly, you need to water the plants at a strictly defined time.

A spider mite is also very dangerous for plants. These insects weave small, one might even say, microscopic cobwebs. These spiders can be seen under a magnifying glass. They are reddish or yellow in color and have black spots on their bodies. If you find these pests on your plants, then try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Mushroom mosquitoes are very harmful and destructive for domestic plants. That is, not the mosquitoes themselves, but their larvae. Adults lay eggs in the soil, and they feed on the roots of plants. If you get rid of these mosquitoes, then the larvae will not be scary for your garden.

But, fortunately for gardeners, there are enough funds on the modern market to deal with any plant pests. For each of the representatives of the genus of insects, which adversely affect the plant world of your garden, there are means. Most often, the soil is impregnated with these agents. Thus, it becomes not conducive to insect life. And for your relatives and plants so close to you, these funds are not at all dangerous. The most important thing is to use them correctly so that the effect of this is maximum.