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Moles on the lawn and in the garden Part 2

How to get rid of moles

The fight against moles must begin at the first signs of the appearance of a pest: whether it be a mound or an underground passage. Often gardeners lose valuable time using folk methods using improvised means.

Alternative methods of getting rid of the animal:

  • manual trapping – can be dangerous, because a digging mammal is well protected by teeth and claws;
  • flooding the passages is a long process that does not bring results: water is absorbed into the soil faster than it manages to fill the passages;
  • planting repeller plants are not always effective, because animals can bypass them;
  • noise devices – cause inconvenience not only to underground mammals but also to summer residents themselves.

Methods can be effective only as a preventive measure, but getting rid of moles that have already appeared will not help.

Effective modern methods:

  1. Calcium Carbide Traditional mole repellent. The substance is laid in dug minks. When in contact with water, calcium carbide actively releases gases that irritate the mucous membranes of the animal. Moles hastily leave the site. Excellent preparations – Krotdelete, Bros Karbidex.
  2. Pellets from moles. The basis of the granules is insect larvae, the active substance is a poisonous component. Bros granules are recommended, which are laid in the underground passages of the animal.
  3. Intimidating fluids. The safe and environmentally friendly method, because it has a natural composition. The drug repels moles with a strong odor, without harming plants or pets. The liquid from the Bros moles is poured directly into the hills or passages.
  4. Electric repeller. Irritating to animal receptors by exposure to infrared or ultrasonic waves and vibration. The device is easy to operate and install. It is easy to rearrange it for another place. A definite plus – the generated frequencies are not audible to humans. Mole Repeller Sonic Bros is absolutely safe for the environment runs on batteries. Valid in a radius of 12-14 m.
  5. Traps. The product imitates part of the underground passage of a mole. It is installed simply: part of the course is excavated and a trap is placed. It is a plastic tube with a lid that opens only inward. The mole trapped in the Bros trap cannot get out, and the built-in signaling device will notify you of the caught animal.

Using a remedy for moles, you should determine the tactics of the fight. Frightening agents scare away the animal without harming it. Etched funds will lead to the destruction of moles. And the mole trapped in the trap can be released away from the site.

Moles are no less dangerous and harmful than insects. It is not easy to get rid of them: folk methods are often ineffective and only take time. If the struggle with moles in the garden or on the lawn causes difficulties, contact the managers of our online store. They will advise on ways to get rid of moles, help with the selection of a specific effective remedy.