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How to get rid of mice in the house and on the site

I live in a private wooden! house for several years. When we were just about to move, for some reason I imagined that there was a myriad of mice and rats living in the house, well, probably, like in old castles. This idea was largely promoted by the public opinion that mice live in a private house at ease and there is no getting anywhere. I, like many young ladies, did not think of living together with these dearest creatures, so I regularly searched the Internet for different options for getting rid of mice and rats. But, as it turned out in vain …

Firstly, no mice lived in the house. But I must say that we moved into a house that has been empty for at least a year. How much I did not listen, no alarming sounds, no traces of spoilage of products. Well, I think we moved in the summer, in the winter the mice will certainly show themselves. By the end of summer, 2 kittens (brother and sister) were taken to the house from a good village cat, a famous hunter. Kittens already at the age of 3 months began to demonstrate what they are capable of. I go out on the porch in the morning, and on the threshold lies a small shrew mouse and a frog, of course, inanimate. Our kittens also hunted grasshoppers, but most of all brought shrews. Once a rather comical situation happened. I fed kittens on the street. On the porch, I put them in a bowl. Once I put a little pasta in this bowl, leftover from dinner. I go out onto the porch, after some time, and I see that in the bowl, right on the pasta, is the mouse. Not the order, they say, the mistress – to serve one side dish without meat. By the way, kittens ate their prey very rarely.

By winter, I still took precautions but did not resort to chemicals. I did not want to use poisons, because together with mice, I could poison cats and, quite possibly, dogs, and, God forbid, children.

In the basement I spread sprigs of mint and dried cilantro – mice do not like these plants.

2 – 3 times a month sprayed the plinth with ammonia – anise drops. (sold at the pharmacy)

In the outbuildings she laid out rags dipped in engine oil. I also read and applied this method. Took some wool. It is necessary to take only natural hair, it does not matter from which animal, you can use cropped human hair. And burned them in a small metal saucepan. The smell of burnt wool scares rodents very much. Sensing such a distress signal, they leave a dangerous place.

There is another good old method that poisons rodents but is safe for cats. Take 2 parts of flour, 1 part of alabaster and 1 part of granulated sugar, mix everything and add a few drops of sunflower oil, only the oil needs to be refined, with a smell. This treat is laid out in suitable places. Having tasted the dish, the mice die, and even if other animals, hedgehogs, cats or owls eat the dead mouse, their health will not be affected.

My experience has shown that these simple measures are enough to ensure that there are no mice in the house. Of course, you need to keep cleanliness, and it makes sense to keep cats in a village house.

In the area of ​​mice, you can also restrain. Where bulbous flowers are grown and around fruit trees, it is good to plant cilantro. You can layout cotton wool soaked with Vishnevsky ointment or birch tar.

About mousetraps.

The people came up with many designs of mousetraps. You can make them yourself, or you can buy them in a store. One of the simplest mousetraps is a regular glass beer bottle. Pour in a little sunflower oil with a smell! and set at an angle of 40º. You just need to fix the bottle on a wire or rope so that the mouse could climb it.

Rats are more difficult to catch in a mousetrap. But, they say they are well caught on dry dog ​​food as bait.

Ultrasonic repellers, in my opinion, have 1 drawback. It is not known how this, albeit barely audible sound, acts on other animals and people. Therefore, it is better to use them where no one lives permanently.