27th April 2020 By Daana 0

Help! I have mice!

Although the mice may seem apparently harmless animals – I think we all have in mind the Little Perez Mouse or the endearing Mickey Mouse – the truth is that their presence in our home or in our workplace can bring with them a serious risk to the health of our family and our employees. Especially since not every mouse poisons work properly. The reason? They transmit numerous diseases in various ways. So … How do they make us sick?

One of the main transmitting sources of diseases in mice is urine and excrement since both contain various pathogenic elements that are harmful to humans, such as salmonellosis, tapeworm, or infectious jaundice. However, the extensive list of diseases cannot be reduced to these three, and we must take into account other potentially dangerous ones:

Weil’s disease:

 Its transmission occurs through direct contact with bacteria found in rodents’ urine and feces, and it makes its way by leaps and bounds in the human body when it finds a “front door” through open wounds or scratches on our skin.

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis:

 If the dust we inhale is previously contaminated with urine or rodent droppings or we have come into contact with any of these wastes, it is very likely that we are exposed to this disease.

Bite fever:

 Simply touching a dead rat or mouse, or being bitten or scratched by one of these animals, can bring about one of the most severe pathologies associated with these animals, such as bite fever.


 To be able to contract this disease through a rodent either by touching a dead one or by being bitten, it must have previously had it.

After getting to know diseases in detail, the big question we all ask ourselves is… How can I avoid them if I suffer from a rodent plague?

The first thing we have to do to completely eliminate any possibility of contagion is to end the plague of rats or mice and nobody better to do it than Rentokil through its professional technicians and also through its measures.

Once this has been achieved – which is no small feat – we must proceed to thoroughly clean and disinfect all the places where these little “guests” could have settled or at least passed. But we should not do it alone! We always have to have the help of expert technicians and effective disinfection treatments like the one carried out by Rentokil, specifically designed to completely eliminate any trace of disease that rodents can transmit.

If you also suffer from this problem, do not hesitate! Put yourself in the hands of one of our experts; Because the health of your family and your workers and clients should never be at stake.