8th October 2019 By Daana 0

Guard! Moles

At my site about four years ago, I encountered such a problem as moles. It seems they themselves do not eat vegetables and berries. But there is a lot of loss from them. On my site, they especially liked the bed with cucumbers. The most interesting thing is that the landing site was changing, but the problem remained.

Going out into the garden in the morning, one could observe the same picture – bushes of cucumbers turned upside down. I had to plant them again, but the next morning the picture was repeated. For two years in a row, we started cucumbers, only at the end of July.

Naturally, we fought as best we could. They guarded in the early morning, buried holes, laid poison (this option turned out to be completely useless), set traps, made noises from sticks inserted into a hole and plastic bottles. We tried a widely publicized ultrasound machine. The result was zero. The moles were mischievous in the first half of the summer, then subsided.

After two years of unsuccessful struggle, they disappeared on their own. We were so happy, but it was seen prematurely. Rats took their place. Rather, one, black with a long tail. About the war with this enemy, I will tell in the second series.